Rant #10

I would like to apologize profusely to Pulse Asia.

I called bullshit on them on their pre-election surveys that projected Bongbong Marcos winning the presidency by a landslide.

My lack of confidence in those surveys was triggered by an earlier survey that Pulse Asia had conducted, which found Rodrigo Duterte to have had a 93% trust rating. This despite a botched COVID-19 pandemic response; Duterte refusing to fire Francisco Duque amid irregularities found in the health department to the tune of ₱8 billion in government supply contracts that connected Duque to Chinese businessman Michael Yang, who bagged those contracts; the ₱15 billion stolen from PhilHealth by their executives using different fraudulent schemes; and the massive borrowing by Duterte, supposedly for his COVID response, which has now amounted to P1.31 trillion.

The surveys were accurate after all; Pulse Asia was correct after all: majority of the Filipino people are certified idiots.

The sad thing? When you call them out on their stupidity, it’s you who’s “arrogant” and “elitist” and “feeling bright.”

We should all apologize to Pulse Asia.


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